Designing Open Education School Systems

Designing Open Education School Systems

With the end of the NCLBA era of top-down school reform, it is time to contemplate more effective approaches to school improvement that can harness the innate innovative capacity of teachers in order to better meet the personal learning aspirations of students. This session will describe a systems approach to designing Open Education School Systems based on three, interconnected principles:

  • Open Opportunity: Open Education Resources (OER) offer students the ability to access an expanded curriculum and are shifting the role of
    teachers to be Designers of Learning.
  • Open Organization Systems – New organizational approaches such as Design Thinking allow schools to adopt a more open, dynamic and nimble
    disposition towards change.
  • Open Communities – Technology is redefining community and creating new means for developing and sharing best practices across a distributed
    organizational structure. 

This session is for K-12 educators and policy makers interested in supporting a systems approach to school reform based on open source design principles.

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