Exploring interactive learning tools on the OpenEdX platform

Exploring interactive learning tools on the OpenEdX platform

OpenEdX is the open source platform that powers EdX, an open online course provider that’s reached millions of students across the globe.  Over two hundred institutions, from universities to governments to companies, have used the open edx platform to power their online education efforts.  This community of teachers, learners and technologists have used the platform to create exciting new pedagogical tools that can be shared across courses, disciplines and continents.

In this session, which requires no previous experience with EdX or Open EdX, we’ll survey some of the types of tools you can use in your open edx courses such as 3D modeling, circuit schematics, “choose your own adventure” text games, and a gene splicing tool.  Attendees will be able to play with these tools and try creating course materials using them.  We’ll show attendees how to find and share tools and content on the openedx platform.  We’ll also briefly discuss our process for improving the tools and contributing new features to the open edx platform, which will be especially helpful for attendees planning to join us at the Monday hackathon.

To learn more about https://open.edx.org/about-open-edx

To view some of the existing pedagogical tools, check out http://xblocks.org/ and http://edx.readthedocs.io/projects/open-edx-building-and-running-a-course/en/latest/exercises_tools/index.html

To see past presentations by this presenter, try http://www.shaunagm.net/talks/ for conference talks and http://campus.openhatch.org/ for information about her open source workshop series

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