Free and Open Source Digital Forensics

Free and Open Source Digital Forensics

Many public schools offer digital forensics coursework. However, many of the these schools rely on proprietary solutions - which can be quite expensive.

By contrast, teachers can provide a wealth of customizable and gratis tools to students utilizing software readily available in Debian and other Linux distributions. Additionally, GNU/Linux distributions such as Kali, provide students with an industry standard environment for digital forensics and network security.

This workshop is intended to provide a superficial, though (hopefully) enjoyable introduction to free and open source digital forensics tools, including common GNU/Linux tools, such as grep and dd, that may be used for digital forensics, as well as tools specifically targeted at digital forensics, such as Sleuthkit. [We will rely on publicly available, school appropriate, forensics images.]

Participants are not expected to have any previous knowledge.

Attendees will walk away with a basic familiarity of useful free and open source tools for digital forensics. They will be able to install, consult, and utilize file recovery tools, make and load disk images, and generate file access logs.

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