Implementing OER Assessments

Implementing OER Assessments

This session will explore the system of free assessments and how those assessments are made open through the use of the LTI protocol to LMS's such as Canvas, Moodle, Schoology etc. In addition, discussions and recommendations for more open tools and authoring formats will be discussed. OpenEd resources are able to be matched to questions using the public Holistic Framework Skills and Statements published by ACT on Github which will be explored as well. This leads to greater resource usage and allows for measures of efficacy on the OER's themselves. A rubric for assessment creation from will be shared as well. Note that this is not a commercial session! 

Participants should have an interest in K-12 formative assessments but no prior technical knowledge is needed. Participants will walk out knowing how to create assessments on the free platform and how to contribute/use the HF Skills framework on their own system if desired! 



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